• Beginner Alphabet Teaching Materials

    Learn phonics and handwriting between ages 3 to 6!

    Rainbow Tracing

    (Coloring Book for Handwriting Practice)

    1320 (incl. tax)

    Target age: 3 to 5 years old


    This text helps children enjoy an introduction to the alphabet. Children learn the shapes and sounds of uppercase and lowercase letters as they color. Letters are traced in the textbook with colored pencils or crayons, and a rainbow alphabet is used. Children naturally learn the shapes of letters as they trace. Please visit our Youtube Channel to find original videos created by the author, Mr. Angus Schaefer. Angus teaches pronunciation and stroke order for each letter and encourages learners.

    Coloring Book

    (Trace the line to remember the shape)

    ¥880 (incl. tax)

    Target age: 3 to 6 years old


    This book helps children learn the shapes of the letters of the alphabet in a child-friendly coloring book form. By remembering the names of the characters that appear in the textbook, learners are able to correctly pronounce the alphabet in a natural and fun way. Please visit our Youtube Channel to watch videos created by the author, Mr. Angus Schaefer. Learners can enjoy learning pronunciation and stroke order by watching the videos. Also, by tracing the patterns in the background of the characters, children are able to draw beautiful curves and straight lines, to support the development of writing skills.

    Alphabet & Phonics

    (Learn uppercase and lowercase letters)

    ¥1100 (incl. tax)

    Target age: 3 to 6 years old


    This is the recommended teaching material for children studying English for the first time. Children learn how to write and pronounce the letters of the alphabet supported by a short YouTube video. This teaching material offers a wide range of styles to be incorporated into an English class or for learning individually at home. By memorizing character names and action poses, students learn not only nouns but also verbs and adjectives. Students learn the alphabet in a lively and fun way with the alphabet & phonics book. This book is full of fun activities that include cute coloring pages and dice games that everyone can play.

  • Master Phonics!

    The Complete Phonics series consists of teaching materials that allow children to practice the alphabet to learn all the rules of phonics. Learning phonics sounds and rules by using the names of cute and fun characters offers entertaining teaching material for children who are starting to read and write in earnest. Learners can also practice writing sight words and short stories and use fun word games to develop their skills.

    Complete Phonics 1

    ¥1980 (incl. tax)

    Complete Phonics 2

    ¥1980 (incl. tax)

    Complete Phonics 3

    ¥1980 (incl. tax)

    Complete Phonics 4

    ¥1980 (incl. tax)

  • Games & Posters

    Goldfish Cards

    ¥1100 (incl. tax)

    This card game uses the ABC Pop Phonics characters. Players use the cards in a game that promotes the pronunciation of the characters’ names and the alphabet letters while playing. The game has simple rules and can be enjoyed by users from four years of age to adults!

    Alphabet Poster

    ¥1650 (incl. tax)

    The ABC Pop Phonics character poster will brighten up your classroom or your home study area and naturally help young learners remember the character's names and the letters of the alphabet.

    Size: 61 x 86.5 cm