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  • What is phonics?

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    Phonics is a learning method devised to help children learn to read English. For example, when teaching the word "Cub," traditional methods require repeating the pronunciation several times for memorization, but "Cube" cannot be read as "Cub." Phonics teaches that when the letter "e" is added to "Cub," the sound of "u" changes. This method allows students to read and write words intuitively with their right brain, and also results in improved pronunciation and increased use of English as a second language. With phonics, children can develop good pronunciation and the ability to read and write words from an early age.



  • The benefits of learning phonics include:


    1. Improved reading and writing skills: Phonics helps students to decode words and recognize patterns, making it easier to read and write.

    2. Better pronunciation: Phonics teaches the sounds of letters and how they combine to form words, which helps students to produce more accurate pronunciation.

    3. Increased confidence in English: By gaining a better understanding of the English language through phonics, students can feel more confident when reading, writing and speaking.

    4. Faster word recognition: Phonics helps students to recognize words quickly, leading to improved reading fluency and comprehension.

    5. A foundation for spelling: Phonics provides students with the tools they need to spell words correctly, reducing the chance of spelling errors.

    6. Better memory retention: Phonics teaches students to associate sounds with letters and words, which can improve memory retention and recall.

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